Walford Cunningham & Hayes have successfully invested in a number of businesses, throughout several diverse business segments and jurisdictions through our own investment portfolio.

Being financed purely by the private funds of our founders, we have the flexibility, knowledge and resources to act independently and effectively to stimulate the growth of our portfolio businesses.

We are as ambitious as those businesses and individuals in whom we invest and advise, and we are dedicated to building a sustainable and robust investment portfolio, adding significant value to those businesses with whom we work.

Our current portfolio holdings range from Private Aviation and Software Developers, often in conjunction with our strategic partners.

Walford Cunningham & Hayes’ portfolio is currently seeing a significant rate of growth, with successful investments in a number of sectors and jurisdictions.Our current portfolio holdings range from a Security Installation and Maintenance business, through to Private Aviation and Software Developers.


Walford Cunningham & Hayes have designed their team around our concept of a ‘Alpha Team.’ Being able to be dropped in to a business to act as a super charger in develivering real results and added value.


Following a number of successful years, Walford Cunningham & Hayes have successfuly exited a number of positions in our portfolio, which can be seen below.