Corporate Social Responsibility

Walford Cunningham & Hayes are a strong believer in the need to support those people and organisations that may well be less fortunate than ourselves, who we might be able to benefit, not always through financial means, but through support throughout. We feel that it is incredibly important to set a high level of  example for other businesses and people to follow. Something very close to our founder, Martin Keelagher’s, heart, as he sits as a Trustee for our two charities.

Supporting the community by getting involved in local projects and green initiatives brings us great satisfaction and this section of our website is dedicated to those we support as part of this example we wish to lead.

We place our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) often at the heart of a lot of the events and initiatives that we support as a business and a team, both with Walford Cunningham and Hayes and wider business family. The teams regularly take part in fund raising initiatives and charity events, such as football tournaments, sponsored running events and even ‘Fire Walks’ to raise funds for the charities that we support.

Below is an overview of the charities and initiatives which Walford Cunningham and Hayes and Businesses support:


Walford Cunningham & Hayes have designed their team around our concept of a ‘Alpha Team.’ Being able to be dropped in to a business to act as a super charger in develivering real results and added value.