Walford Cunningham & Hayes have access to a multitude of funding options, be this through traditional methods of utilising financial institutions, through to access to private funding.
Core methods of Funding Services which we provide:

Brokerage Services: For clients typically seeking finance for above GBP5 million we are able to leverage off our extensive network of contacts developed during our time working within financial institutions to offer our clients access to institutional funding options.

As part of this process we will work with you to ensure that all of the requirements of an institution are met, be this through the security offered, due diligence aspects or as simple as ensuring that institutional finance is the correct option for the business. As part of this service we create a ‘deal pack’ which includes all of the key elements an institution will require in order to reach an Agreement in Principle and move towards draw down of the facilities as efficiently as possible. Depending upon the level of engagement required, we are also able to act as trusted advisors throughout the negotiation stage of the facilities terms and conditions.

Private Funding: Given our business’ network across multiple jurisdictions, we enjoy access to a number of Private Client teams within the Institutional and Intermediary market place, as well as Family and Multi Family offices. We work closely with the client in developing a prospectus or Investment teaser, to be presented to selected appropriate contacts within our network within this base, looking to diversify their portfolios and move away from cash to alternative investments, such as private businesses and in this space Walford Cunningham & Hayes have the contacts and creditability to cater for your funding requirements.

Investment Networks: For clients who are looking for Angel Investment through the Investor Network communities, we work with you as trusted advisors in developing your proposition to ensure that the opportunity has the maximum impact with investors. We will also ensure that the true value for the business is recognised, with the objective that the business’ existing share holders maintain maximum equity. We are also able to act as trusted advisors throughout the negotiation stage of the terms and conditions of the investment and provide post completion monitoring guidance and software.